A live-coding environment for norns. (2021)
A feature-packed live-coding interface that interconnects norns.
An AI drummer for norns. (2021)
An introspective drum machine that looks into itself and produces rhythm from …
Chaotic modulation on norns. (2021)
Make slow oscillators for crow outputs from norns.
A PO-33 clone for norns. (2021)
An attempt to create a fully functional PO-33 in the norns with the grid.
Sampling with fx on norns. (2021)
Synchronize samples with external clock and add fx.
Supersaw feedback synth for norns. (2021)
A SuperCollider synth with tape-style feedback.
A grid-based keyboard for norns. (2021)
plonk (/plɒŋk/) - to play a musical instrument, usually not very well but often …
Quantized and sequenced granulation. (2021)
Grid-based performative granulation of up to four samples.
Sample-based instruments for norns. (2021)
Like mr.coffee or mr.radar, but for instrument samples.
A sample sequencer for norns. (2021)
Drum sequencing via the monome grid.
A website to find charities. (2020)
A website that collects the latest information on which registered charities are …
A website to listen and control norns. (2020)
Connect a norns device through the internet, allowing tactile control and …
Modulating sample buffers on norns. (2020)
this norns script creates sequences of samples from a tape. you can load any …
Sequencing samples on norns. (2020)
this norns script creates sequences of samples from a tape. you can load any …
Quantize time-bending effects on norns. (2020)
a quantized delay with optional time bending effects in the stereo field.
A website with every chord progression.. (2020)
A Youtube video from 2009 was right - the "Four Chord" song truly is built on …
A website for synthesizer patches. (2020)
I reverse engineered the Teenage Engineering OP-1 drum patch so that I could …
A website that is a server. (2020)
A hosting service from the browser, because why not.
Function as a service. (2020)
Make any (Go) function into an API with one HTTP request.
A website for sharing files. (2020)
A quick solution to temporarily store a file.
A website to find every public piano.. (2019)
Coordinates of every known public piano in an easy to discover database.
A website to find a book to read. (2019)
Leveraging latest technologies and heuristics to make the best search algorithm …
Turn a recipe into structured data. (2019)
I created an open-source engine for extracting and tagging ingredients from any …
A website with a secure offline notepad. (2019)
Browser-based offline-first secure notepad.
File transfer between any computers. (2019)
I created yet another way to transfer files that strikes a good balance between …
A website for jotting notes.. (2018)
A minimalistic website for making notes.
Peer discovery for Golang. (2018)
Cross-platform thread-safe local peer discovery using UDP multicast.
Tracking wifi device locations. (2018)
A framework for internal navigation and discovery.
A website that finds road trip stops.. (2017)
Find the best places to stop on a long road trip.
Progress bar for Golang. (2017)
A simple thread-safe progressbar for Go CLI apps.
A website to recursively create recipes. (2017)
Calculate time and cost for generating many recipes from scratch.
A website allowing markdown pastebins …. (2016)
Feature-rich paste-bin type website with locking, encryption, self-destruction …
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